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Towkir Ahmed | JavaScript Enthusiast

Hi, I am Towkir Ahmed, an enthusiastic contributor to various open source projects.
I like to play with JavaScript and Python and I believe in openness of knowledge, privacy on the internet and security everywhere.
I try to do what I love, and I love simple, clean and creative things. And I love coffee and noodles too, especially if they are really tasty.



I have knowledge of and experience in:


I have deep understanding of Document Object Model, modern web elements and W3C standard, can turn almost any visual mock-up into valid templates. I am up to date with latest updates on HTML5 and CSS3 too.
See my completion result on Codecademy or this site is a proof :)


I have an advanced level JavaScript writing skill. I have raw coded JS based web applications. I am comfortable with NodeJS, jQuery and familiar with frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS, besides, I can adapt to any latest tech.
I would like to mention JSON and AJAX here (though they are not languages, but they relate to JS)

PHP, Python, C/C++

I am not a geek of these languages but I have clear programming concepts and I can understand and write codes following these syntax.
See my completion result on Codecademy , CodeSchool and HackerRank.

Experience (starts from left)

Version Control System

I had to be a master of git and mercurial as I need to use them too often for maintaining projects.


I keep a good sense of design with the knowledge of visual hierarchy, negative spacing and typography science, I keep deeper understanding on image manipulation and raster or vector types.
I compiled one of my webapp into an android app with the help of cordova. I do use gulp for compiling my css and js in large projects and write partial html for modular coding.

I am a very good user of both Windows and Linux operating system. Here are some softwares I am good at:
Photoshop Illustrator GIMP Inkscape

Auto CAD MS Office Libre Office



Mentor & Contributor

I have been a very enthusiast contributor of Mozilla since 2014. Currently I am a proud mentor of Mozilla QA Bangladesh community. I have contributed to several products of Mozilla like Firefox, Thunderbird, Bugzilla and Firefox OS.

In "about:credits"

I have been added to the top contributor list of Firefox browser, to see the list type “about:credits” on the urlbar of any Firefox browser. Alternatively visit: this page

Proud to be Mozillian

This is my Mozillian Profile which proves my identity and contribution into the Mozilla project. And my vouches verifies them.




This is the BTS (Bug Tracking System) of Mozilla which is used to track and manage bugs relating to Firefox and all Mozilla products. I have submitted several patches (patches are solutions for a bug). This is my Bugzilla Account which tracks all my activities.


Launchpad is used to track bugs and maintain codes of various open source projects. Many large projects like Ubuntu, Elementary OS, MySQL, and OpenStack use Launchpad. I have contributed to Ubuntu project too.
This is my Launchpad Account.



Bachelor of Science - CSE
[2017 - Currently studying | Evening Batch]

City University, Dhaka

Diploma in Engineering - Computer Technology
2.92 out of 4.00 | 2011 - 2015

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka

Secondary School Certificate - Science
5.00 out of 5.00 | 2006-2011

Hasnabad High School, Narsingdi


Executive, IT + Operations

Goldberg Mobile

[September, 2015 - July, 2016]

Front End Developer /+ Designer


[November, 2016 - May, 2017]

Front End Developer

Flow Digital Media

[July, 2017 - Currently Employed]



JavaScript Tutorial course

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[By: SoloLearn - On: Dec, 2016]

Ethical Hacking

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[By: Udemy - On: April, 2015]